How About a Sale on New Lotions?

Spring ushers in a period of renewal. We begin spring cleaning to declutter our homes and closets, we plan ahead for new adventures, and we get ready for life-changing events that happen when the weather turns warm. Spring socials, proms, weddings… no matter what’s on your calendar, you want to make some time to come to Sundays. Our twenty locations are ready to help you look and feel your best, with top of the line spa equipment and tanning beds. Now, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of two new lotions you have to try next time you tan!



Devoted Creations has done it again with the luxurious Always Desired. This bronzer is infused with charcoal extract, which works to minimize pores and leave your skin looking clearer and toned. Luxuriate in the fragrance of lychees as this lotion hydrates your skin and restores firmness.

Also new to Sundays is the incredible Bahama Bronzer from Ed Hardy’s Tanovations line. One whiff of this aromatic pineapple-scented lotion and you’re transported to a sunny, tropical paradise. Bahama Bronzer features pineapple extract for an infusion of antioxidants and Vitamin C, and hibiscus extract to even out your tan and keep your skin firm and looking young. Hempseed oil promotes hydration so you come out with a dark, gorgeous tan after every use.

This weekend, all twenty Sundays salons have a terrific deal on these lotions:

  • Buy Always Desired and get 120 Blue Bucks plus Devoted Creations’ Love & Lemonade After Sun Moisturizer ($260 value) for only $118.
  • Buy Bahama Bronzer and get 48 Blue Bucks plus Spa Fusion Sweet Pomegranate Moisturizer ($117.95 value) for only $47.95.

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New at our Great Neck location: FitBurn!



Sundays keeps getting better, and this month we’re thrilled to announce a new spa experience at our Great Neck Road location in Virginia Beach. Come out today and learn more about the FitBurn Far Infrared Sauna and how it can improve the way you look and feel.

What is Far Infrared Sauna?

When you think of saunas, you may expect to sit in an enclosure filled with steam. The FitBurn differs greatly from the traditional sauna model in that is uses infrared light to create heat. Unlike traditional saunas, the temperature in FitBurn doesn’t elevate too high (some traditional saunas get as hot as 200 degrees), thereby allowing for a more comfortable spa experience.

The FitBurn utilizes far infrared light to heat the body and encourage detoxification. After one session in FitBurn (only $10 for a drop-in or $29 for one month of unlimited use) you’ll start to see the good effects. Infrared sauna therapy is known to relieve stress and joint pain, kickstart weight loss, and improve skin tone. As part of Sundays’ overall spa experience, FitBurn is a welcome addition designed to help our members look younger, feel amazing, and improve health.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Try FitBurn for yourself. See you at our salon at the Renaissance Place Shopping Center on Great Neck Road!


Black Tulip Tanning Lotion Now Available

At Sundays Sun Spa Shop, we carry only the best indoor tanning lotions for our members. Devoted Creations never ceases to amaze us when they release something new, and with Black Tulip available at all our salons we know you’re in for an amazing tanning experience.


Infused with sweet violet and black current extracts, Black Tulip has a wonderful scent and is rich in Vitamins A and C. Named for one of the rarest flowers in the Netherlands, Black Tulip features dark DHA bronzers for color that lasts, hempseed oil for skin hydration, and antioxidants to help prevent inflammation when you tan. Don’t worry about tattoos, either, because this lotion is designed to protect your ink color.

We have a special going on right now on Black Tulip because we know you want to try it! Don’t wait too long for your bottle, because we predict interest in this latest release will quickly “bloom.”

Ask for Black Tulip at any of our locations around Hampton Roads.