4 Reasons To Spray Tan This Fall

At Sundays Sun Spa Shop, we recommend our quality automated airbrush tanning any time of year, but autumn is especially a good time to come to any of our 21 Hampton Roads locations. You don’t need a reservation for the Mystic HD or the VersaSpa, and if it’s your first time coming to us for a spray tan we have a great introductory price. Our tanning experts are more than happy to help you, so you can walk away with a gorgeous, seamless tan.

The best equipment and great prices aren’t the only reasons to try spray tanning in the fall, though. If you find your skin doesn’t have the level of color you prefer, here’s why we recommend stepping into one of our booths:

  1. You just can’t predict the weather here. It’s true we can expect some sunny days in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and throughout the region, but fall weather has additional chances of storms and clouds. If you’re not able to lie out for a tan, coming to Sundays is the best alternative.
  2. It takes only minutes to achieve your perfect color. Sundays has spas all over Hampton Roads, and we bet there’s one close to home. A short drive, a few minutes in a spray tan booth, and you have the rest of the day to show off beautifully tanned skin.
  3. With automated airbrush tanning, the process covers your entire body. If you’re interested in a sunless tan and have thought about buying self-tanning products, remember that you will be responsible for clean-up. Also, it can be a challenge applying self-tan everywhere if you’re alone. With our Mystic HD and VersaSpa, the automated brushes do the work for you.
  4. Our spray tanning options are just one aspect of the great spa amenities we offer! While you’re here, you should check out the Beauty Angel red light skin therapy, the Cocoon detox pod, and the FIT bodywrap system. We are dedicated to helping our members look and feel young, and if you need some rejuvenation this fall come see us.

Have questions about our spray tanning services? Drop us a line, or follow us on Facebook for specials and updates on our spa shops.