5 Reasons To Get A Spray Tan Now


Pale is for winter, and thank goodness that season is over. Now is the time to stop in your favorite Sundays Sun Spa Shop and get some color!

We’re getting more questions lately about our automated airbrush tanning – you stand in the booth and let the automated sprays do the work, and of course we’re there to help you with all the details. It’s a great alternative to UV tanning, and it can result in an even, gorgeous tan to show off wherever you go.

Whether you’re new to spray tanning or indoor tanning altogether, our automated airbrush options from Versaspa and Mystic are highly recommended if you want your skin to have a healthy glow. We can think of dozens of reasons you should try it out for yourself, but here are our top five:

The weather’s still unpredictable. It’s Spring, but some days it doesn’t feel that way. It would be nice to lay out in the sun and get some Vitamin D, but until we get consistent nice weather it doesn’t hurt to have some help from Sundays.

It takes minutes to apply! Spray tanning isn’t a long process. Step into Mystic or VersaSpa and you’ll come out with a full-body tan in minutes. You can get tanned during your lunch break or in between classes.

You choose your shade. When you come in for automated airbrush tanning, you can select your tan intensity. You decide if you want just a hint of color or if you want to show off a beautiful, dark glow.

It’s a great option if you have tattoos. If you’re worried that a spray tan will affect your ink, don’t. The products we offer are safe for tats and won’t change their color.

We have 21 locations, so it’s easy to get one! We just opened spa shops in Williamsburg and Gloucester, so we are officially all over Hampton Roads. There’s a Sundays close to your home and job (and college, if you’re going to school here). When you’re ready to try us out, come to any of our shops and start off your Spring in full color.