What is Sundays Sun Spa’s response to COVID-19?
Please click here to read a message from our CEO, Dennis Ligon.


Are all locations closed?
Yes. For the health, wellness and safety of all concerned, all locations are closed until further notice.


If my sun spa is closed, how will I find out when it plans to reopen?
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How do I cancel or freeze my account if my sun spa is currently closed?
We have preemptively and proactively frozen all memberships on your behalf, and you will not be charged any fees during this time. When the crisis is over and we reopen, we look forward to serving you in a clean, safe and sanitary environment. At that time, we’ll be happy to address any membership questions you might have.


My sun spa is closed but I was charged. Will I be refunded for this month?
Yes. Unfortunately, the timing of mandates and closures led to some of our members being billed shortly before we closed. Rest assured that you will not be charged for any days when the sun spa was closed. We will make an adjustment on your next billing cycle when we reopen.


What if I pre-paid my membership for a year?
If you have a prepaid membership, the expiration date of your membership will be adjusted by the number of closed days. For example, if we are closed 30 days and your membership was set to end on or about November 30, that membership will be extended to on or about December 30.