Give the Gift of Tanning and Spa This Year!


Christmas shopping can be stressful if you’re struggling to figure out what kind of gifts you should give friends and family. People change their interests all the time, so something they might have wanted last year might not make the cut this year. Avoid the stress of Christmas shopping by giving gift cards instead. Here are a couple reasons why gift cards, especially from Sundays Sun Spa Shop, should be the gift you’re giving:

Gifts Cards Please Everyone

People can be difficult to shop for, that’s no surprise. But when it comes to gift cards you get a break from playing 20 Questions with people to figure out what they want for Christmas. Nowadays, you can get gift cards anywhere. You can get them from specific places or get cards to be used at any store.

People Will Use Them

Let’s face it, we’ve all received gifts that we don’t really know what to do with – whether it’s an article of clothing, a gadget, etc. It’s happened. A gift card limits the chance of giving a gift that’s either going to be thrown away, hidden in a closet, or regifted. Friend and family will be able to purchase something that they actually want and use.

Sundays Sun Spa Shop is dishing out some of the best gifts that you can give this year with gift cards! Buy $10 or more in Christmas gift cards at any of our 20 locations in Hampton Roads and you’ll get 20% off the total price. If you buy $50 or more in gift cards, you’ll get the 20% off plus a FREE travel pack of Devoted Creations Moisturizers, for a friend or to keep!

Need more ideas for Christmas gifts? Come to any of our salons in Hampton Roads for information about a membership to use our tanning and spa services.