Join the New Year, New You Challenge


Can you believe 2018 is only three months away? Where did the year go? If you made a resolution list at the beginning of 2017, here’s hoping you manage to check off a few items. For most of us, likely, getting in shape was somewhere near the top. We won’t ask how you did, but it’s okay if other things got in the way over the last several months.

At Sundays Sun Spa Shop, we believe in living your best life, which is why we offer many spa and tanning options to help you look and feel great. To get us all ready for 2018, we’re thrilled to announce the New Year, New You contest. It’s similar to the weight loss challenge we’ve held in the past, but there are a few changes.

For one, we have an awesome new product for you to use to help in your journey. The Trim Stik is formulated with proven ingredients like green tea and guarana to help boost your metabolism and increase your ability to burn fat. It’s sugar-free, dairy-free, and has a delicious kiwi strawberry taste.

Enter the New Year, New You Contest

It’s easy to participate!

Win Awesome Prizes

Each month, one winner will receive $200 and two boxes of M Stiks.

At the end of the contest, the grand prize winner gets $500 in cash plus a trip to either Las Vegas or Nashville!

And Now, The Rules



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