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Sundays Sun Spa Shop has stepped up with a new commitment to provide the highest quality lotions, after-tan moisturizers, and premium skin care products to match our investment in the most advanced sun, spa and automated airbrushing equipment.

We have invested heavily in both research and inventory purchase to ensure that our manufacturers meet our strict demands for lotions that are powerful in tanning ability, gentle to the skin, and heavy with vitamin content for long-term skin health. Specially-formulated lotions are essential for proper indoor tanning – dry tanning wastes at least 7 minutes of tanning time!

Six steps to the darkest tan

Sundays Sun Spa Shop is proud to feature the finest indoor tanning and bronzing products at all of our resort locations. Please click any of the lotion images below for more information on each product. Be sure also to check our site for news on lotion discounts, buy one get one free sales, and other promotions.