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A message from our CEO on COVID-19
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Devoted Creations Tanning Lotion

Devoted Creations is one of the best brands of indoor tanning lotions you’ll ever use, and Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort has your favorites. If you’re looking for a dark, sexy tan, try one of these for a beautiful bronze that turns heads.

Pauly D’s Bronze Beats: Are you ready for the darkest, most extreme DHA-Free bronzer? Pauly D’s Bronze Beatsâ„¢ formula is just that! This ultra sexy silk bronzing blend takes tanning to the next level! Utilizing super advanced tanning technologies that allow your natural color to continue to darken over time. Featuring intense anti-aging and firming ingredients, you are sure to be intoxicated by Pauly D!

devoted2011Extreme Situation: Our lotion for those who crave the Ultimate Dark Color! Extreme Situationâ„¢ brings your tan to a whole new level of darkness. Infused with Nouritan, to stimulate tyrosine activity, Devoted Creation’s ultra-dark bronzers will get you black. No other lotion delivers our breakthrough multi-skin layer moisturizing complex with Hydrovance ®, Matrixyl ®, and Mangosteen.

Forever Black: Your inner desires are now attainable…become Forever Black with this 50XXX Silicone Bronzing Gelee. Instant and Delayed Bronzers work together to help you reach bronzed perfection.

Hot Mess: Jump start your body, skin and tan with our Hot Messâ„¢ breakthrough formula. Designed to provide your body essential nutrients for hydrated, healthy-looking skin utilizing Lychee Fruit and Green Tea. Caffeine and Matrixyl will energize your soul and help reduce the signs of a late night out…enough said.

Mirror Mirror: Mirror Mirror on the wall…who’s the tannest of them all? See an instantaneous transformation with this appetite suppressing mega bronzer featuring intense instant and delayed bronzers. This curve enhancing formula will cover you in diamond dust to highlight your most exotic features.

Moda Milano: Become part of the elite crowd as you put on your greatest fashion accessory…your tan! This cashmere blended aroma therapeutic maximizer will make you shine among fashion gurus around the world!

Trust Fund Baby: A Socialite in the making…step into your true inheritance and become a Trust Fund Baby! This champagne infused silicone blended DHA-Free bronzer will make you red-carpet ready as you shimmer from crushed gems.