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A message from our CEO on COVID-19 Read Now | Click Here for FAQs
A message from our CEO on COVID-19
Read Now | Click Here for FAQs

M Stiks

Now available at all Sundays locations, M Stiks offer you functional hydration to help you take on the day. Just add one M Stik to 16 ounces of water after a session in one of our tanning beds or spa equipment for a refreshing burst of energy and goodness. We carry five varieties of M Stiks, visit us today and try them all!

GO: Infused with vitamins, electrolytes and natural energy, M’s GO•stik functions perfectly with your body to deliver smooth, steadfast, pure energy to power you through the day.

Smart: Get more done with M’s SMART•stik. From morning till night, boost creativity, motivation and overall cognitive potential with safe, proven nootropic ingredients.

CoreAO: M’s CoreAO (antioxidant) boosts your immunity with the most powerful, disease-fighting super nutrients on the planet—mangosteen, acai, arginine, bilberry, grape seed extract, and catechins.

Soul: Through a tropical explosion of flavor, M’s SOUL•stik permeates goodness with natural plants like Siberian Ginseng, Yerba Mate and Ginkgo Biloba to give you clarity and brighten your soul.

Trim: Helping you fight the urge to overindulge while boosting thermogenic activity, M’s TRIM•stik is loaded with proven ingredients, giving you the willpower to fight off those pesky cravings. TRIM is your new best friend.

All M Stiks are low-calorie, packed with flavor and amazing nutrients, and guaranteed to brighten your day.

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