No Two Tanning Lotions Are the Same

It can be difficult to figure out what indoor tanning lotion is the best for you, especially with all the different types of lotions and brands to choose from. Accelerator, bronzer and tingle lotions are just a few of the indoor tanning lotions that get the job done right. Only thing is if you’re new to tanning, you want to start off with the right kind of lotion and not rush into one that is regularly used by experienced tanning bed users.  

What’s the difference in tanning lotions?

Accelerator Lotions

New to tanning? Accelerators are a great place to start when trying to enhance your tan, especially if you have pale or sensitive skin. Accelerators help to build a base tan that you can gradually increase as you tan more and more.

Bronzer Lotions

Bronzers are a great way to start building your tan. The bronzer will add a tint of color to your skin to instantly make you appear tanner. Achieving a ‘sun-kissed’ look has never been easier when it comes to bronzer lotions. (Ask us about our Dennis Ligon Signature bronzer when you visit any of our 20 locations in Hampton Roads.)

Tingle Lotions

This lotion definitely lives up to its name. Your skin will start to give you a tingling sensation once it’s applied. The lotion is supposed to increase the circulation of blood and oxygen to the skin’s surface, which will affect your melanin. It’s supposed to boost the effects of UV rays to help you get a darker looking tan. These types of lotions are ideal for people trying to achieve a deep tan.

Depending on your tanning experience, start off with the lotions that can ease you into a tan instead of going super intense right away. Find the best lotion for you by basing it off of your tanning experience. If you’re new try accelerators and then gradually move your way up from bronzers to tingle lotions. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to ask any of our tanning experts when you visit us at Sundays Sun Spa Shop.