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PhysEdge Fit System Bodywrap

Sundays Body FitIntroducing a new way to detox, reduce stress and jump start weight loss

The Physedge Fit Infrared System can help you lose weight and inches, break down fat, reduce cellulite, and make your skin appear younger all while you read a book, watch a movie, or relax! You will start to see results after just one hour, and because the effects are cumulative, you may experience dramatic change. Are you ready to get FIT?

The Physedge FIT Infrared System uses a dual action process to get rid of excess fat in your body. Before starting the Physedge Fit System, you apply FIT Booster – a special proprietary mineral spray designed to increase the effects of the body wrap. FIT Booster actually makes your body work harder to produce sweat. The far infrared heat of the bodywrap then causes stored fat to break down and be converted into fatty acids. As your body heats up, you begin to sweat to cool down. The sweat is fueled by the energy from the converted fatty acids. A single Physedge FIT session burns thousands of calories this way.

What is Infrared Heat? Infrared heat is simply “radiant” heat, which is a form of energy that heats objects directly through a process called conversion. The process occurs without having to heat the air in between. Radiant heat is also known as Infrared Energy (IR). Infrared rays in the electromagnetic spectrum cannot be seen, but are felt as heat. Like sunshine, you feel the heat but you can’t actually see the rays!

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