Red Light Therapy & Far Infrared: Which is Right For You?


If you haven’t visited your nearest Sundays Sun Spa Shop in a while, you may not have seen all the amazing new spa equipment available to members. Who would have thought when we opened our first salon over twenty years ago that Sundays would evolve into a full-fledged sun and spa boutique, with locations from Virginia Beach to as far as Newport News and Suffolk? It’s because of our wonderful members we’ve enjoyed this growth, and it’s why we continue to add on to the Sundays legacy by offering only the finest in sunless tanning, spray tanning, and wellness options.

Enough about us, though. We’re here today to talk about some of our spa amenities. People have asked us questions specifically about red light therapy – available in the Beauty Angel – and far infrared, found in the FitBurn Sauna and as part of the Cocoon Wellness pod. Are they same thing? Do they work the same way? Does it matter which one I use? If you’re new to Sundays, or any type of spa that offers these things, you want to know how light therapy works and how it will affect your body.

Red Light Therapy & Far Infrared

Red light therapy is a type of low-level light therapy used for the treatment of skin. In the past it had been used by NASA as a means of healing wounds, and later was discovered to offer skin-firming and anti-aging benefits. Unlike other types of light, it generates very little heat, but it can penetrate your skin and work to stimulate your circulation and produce collagen. This, in turn, helps improve your skin and increases youthful vitality.

Far infrared, by comparison, emits a radiant heat absorbed by the skin, which raises your body’s temperature. When this happens, you experience a beneficial detoxification that purifies your body and helps improve blood flow and decrease pain.

These technologies may sound space-age, but neither are hardly new. People have used variations of light therapy for thousands of years to cure ailments. The answer to your problems may not come as simply as “coming into the light,” but one session in either the Beauty Angel or Fitburn can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

If you have questions about these and our other spa options, contact us today.


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