Saltwater Sundays Moisturizer is Here!


What’s so great about having a membership at Sundays Sun Spa Shop? Sometimes you get to try new things before the rest of the area, even the country, has the chance. Next week, Devoted Creation releases the amazing Saltwater Sundays “after sun” moisturizer, but you can buy it right now! Stop at any of our locations in Hampton Roads for just $10 when you make any tanning lotion purchase, or get a bottle by itself for only $23.95.

Be the first of your friends to try Saltwater Sundays this long holiday weekend. Infused with sea salt and coconut, this is one moisturizer that will leave you silk smooth and fresh, like you’ve just come from the beach. A price like this won’t last forever, either, so stop by Sundays before we sell out.

Have a great holiday weekend and keeping living the #SundaysLife!