Six Steps to the Darkest Tan

STEP 1. Never tan dry! Dry Skin requires 7 minutes to build melanin for a tanning bed to be effective. Dry tanning wastes 7 minutes of tanning time!

STEP 2. No outdoor lotion! Outdoor lotion is designed to protect the body from UV rays, while indoor lotion is designed to promote the body’s ability to receive UV rays. Outdoor lotions also contain mineral oils that damage the acrylic and block the tanning power of the lamps. Outdoor lotions are forbidden in any certified tanning salon.

We recommend a good beginner lotion to quickly help you promote a base tan. You may also use any bronzer lotion to produce a quicker base tan.

Once you have achieved a base tan it is time to switch to a Step 2 lotion to promote a darker tan. Step 2 lotions contain bronzers, some tingle, and sometimes a combination of both. Ask our staff for their recommendations on the right lotion for you.

STEP 3. Go for it! If you reach a tanning plateau or if you desire the absolute darkest tan possible, you should consider an extreme tingle lotion with more potency.

STEP 4. Skin Moisturizer – Moisturizer is a powerful formula for extending your tan. Look for a brand with anti-aging elements to keep your skin looking fresh and young.

STEP 5. Do not bathe with soap! Harsh soaps will cause your tan to wash off before its time.

STEP 6. Tan once or twice a week and use a variety of equipment to keep your tan looking natural and dark.

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