Slim Sculpt LED & Infrared Bed

Sundays Sun Spa Shops is proud to offer the latest body sculpting innovation as part of our spa servicesSlim Sculpt is all natural and easy to use. You could lose up to two dress sizes in just 30 days!

How It Works

The Slim Sculpt bed uses Red and Infrared LED energy to target fat cells in your body. During one session in the Slim Sculpt, the LED lights will cover your body and penetrate your skin. The pores of your adipose cells are opened, allowing fat to be released. Your fat cells shrink, you eliminate the waste, and you lose inches. All you have to do is lay in the special Slim Sculpt bed and let it work.

No Surgery. No Diets. No Pills. 

Slim Sculpt helps to lose flab on your stomach, thighs, upper arms…anywhere you need to get rid of fat. Slim Sculpt is available at select Sundays Sun Spa Shop locations in Hampton Roads. Contact us online or call 757-340-4500 for pricing and the location nearest you with this amazing body sculpting service.