Spray Tanning: Four Things You Need To Know Before You Go

We’re always happy when Sundays members recommend any of our twenty locations to friends interested in local spa services. Our experienced staff are on hand to answer questions about all the top of the line equipment we offer, from the Cocoon Detox Pod to the PhysEdge FIT System. When it comes to tanning, we like to think we’re the first place to go in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, and anywhere else in Hampton Roads.

Lately, we’ve been fielding questions about spray tanning from newcomers shy about using the beds. It’s okay to feel apprehensive about trying something new – at Sundays we’ve boldly moved forward to introduce new services and it’s worked out for us. We offer quality tanning beds and automated airbrush to our members because we know people should have a choice when it comes to presenting their best look to the world.


So you want to know more about spray tanning, how it works and how you’ll look after your first session? It is, of course, exactly what the name implies. Color is applied to your skin to give it an even, darker tone that leaves you looking as though you spent time in the sun. Spray tanning is good if you’re planning to attend a social event or a night out and want a healthy glow to complement your outfit and attitude, but aren’t yet ready to invest in regular tanning sessions.

It’s easy to do (and we’ll help you), and sunless tanning solution won’t stain your clothes or – contrary to what the comedians may tell you – “turn you orange.”

Spray Tanning: What You Should Know

1) Plan before you tan. If you know you’re going to make use of our Mystic or VersaSpa systems, it’s important wait 24 hours after showering, shaving or waxing, or getting a mani/pedi. Because the tanning solution needs to be absorbed into your skin, you don’t want any barriers preventing it. Lotions, deodorants, and cosmetics could interfere if you wear them in the booth.

2) Different “Strokes” for Different Folks. We want to stress that automated airbrush tanning is not a “one shade fits all” situation. Whether you choose VersaSpa or Mystic HD for your tanning experience, you can select a shade best suited to you. You can have a just kissed by the sun look or go darker for something more luminous and eye-catching.

3) You’ll have time to change positions in the booth. Yes, we’ve seen the TV shows where somebody unwittingly pauses in a booth and gets a double dose of bronzer in the face. It’s good for a laugh, but please don’t assume comedy reflects real life when it comes to sunless tanning. The automated system is set up in a way to allow you time to change positions so the spray gives you an all-over, even tan. If you’re new to this, don’t worry because we got your back. And sides.

4) The solution takes time to develop. When you leave the booth, you might wonder at first if it worked. While it only takes a few minutes to apply the tanning solution to your body, it will be a while before the color fully develops. After a few hours you’ll notice a change, and beyond that (typically 8-12 hours or longer) you’ll really see how the color looks on you.

For complete instructions on spray tanning, stop by any of our Sundays locations and ask. We’d love to see you.