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Here at Sundays Sun Spa Shop, we’re known for great specials on lotions and tanning packages. Our members look forward to regular sales we hold throughout the year, but once in a while we come up with an awesome deal we have to share. Our members and newcomers to Sundays love our flash sales as much as we do, but it’s a bummer if you’re not online and you miss them. That’s why when we create a short-term sale we do our best to broadcast it through as many channels as possible.

What’s the best way to keep in touch with Sundays and be the first to hear about our sales?  Here’s how you can connect with us:

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If you have already liked the official Sundays Sun Spa Shop Facebook page, thanks! We’re happy to have you and hope you like the fun stuff we share there. To make sure you see everything we post, though, we recommend you also follow the page and make sure it’s set so our posts show prominently in your news feed. You can do this by going to our page, clicking the “Follow” button, and setting us to “See First.” Recently we held a pet selfie contest to award one lucky member $100 Blue Bucks. Who knows when we’ll hold our next Facebook contest, so make sure you’re set to see our posts as they come.

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We love Instagram because it allows us to show off beautiful photos of our 20 locations, as well as the latest tanning and spa equipment we bring to Hampton Roads. If you use Instagram, be sure to follow our account because we do post images with our flash sale information included. The next time you come to one of our spas and take a tanning selfie, tag it with #SundaysLife so we’ll see and like it!

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If you’re not into the social media scene, we send out email alerts when something awesome is about to happen here – whether it’s a sale, a giveaway, or announcing a new location. To receive the latest news, you can use the form below to sign up, and make sure our emails are whitelisted in your inbox so they aren’t sent to your junk folders by mistake.

Keep in touch with Sundays Sun Spa Shop and be first to receive sales information on spray tanning, spa packages and lotions.