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A message from our CEO on COVID-19 Read Now | Click Here for FAQs
A message from our CEO on COVID-19
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About Sundays

The Sundays Life is dedicated to providing the ultimate automated sun, spa, and airbrush experience for our members and guests. We currently have twenty-one locations in Hampton Roads, making us the largest sun spa in Virginia. Our passion for innovation combined with our dedication to our members and our community have been the hallmarks of our business for more than 25 years. With more ways to experience our exceptional spa services than ever, our members are tapping into beauty, vitality and energy they only dreamed about before. If you’ve never visited us, we invite you to give us a try. Come discover why we’ve been voted Best at the Beach for so many years.

History of Sundays

Dennis Ligon spent most of his life in North Carolina, but during a 3-year business venture in California he discovered indoor tanning. When he relocated to Virginia Beach he found tanning to be offered at a higher price but the choices and services were of lesser quality. The idea of Sundays was born with the goal of providing an exceptional experience at an affordable price. In January of 1993, the first Sundays was opened for business in Pembroke Meadows Shopping Center.

The most distinctive feature of the original Sundays was the size. Boasting an impressive count of 25 beds, it was the first mega-salon in the area. Over the next five years it grew to legendary status, thanks to a membership program called “Sun Club.” This membership allowed people to tan for as little as $19.95 per month, a price that was as unheard of then as it is now. Rumors flew through Hampton Roads that Sundays Spas would soon be out of business, but the majority rule won out, and Sundays Spa became the salon spa of choice for many locals in the area.

After five years, Sundays faced a major hurdle and was forced to move, racking up $200,000 in renovations. Dennis continued to believe in the dream and rebuilt the original Sundays.

Dennis took this opportunity to make some positive changes, transforming the original Sun Club to “Club Tann.” The membership price changed also: it dropped to $18.88 per month. New equipment was purchased, larger, high-performance equipment never before seen in the Hampton Roads area. Membership continued to grow over the next two years, under the leadership of manager Pat Patterson. Sundays had quickly become one of the largest tanning facilities on the East Coast.

A few years later a second location opened in Holland Plaza, featuring all-new equipment and even more luxury spa choices for members. Sundays became the first salon in Virginia to offer UV-Free automated airbrush with Mystic Tan in the Holland plaza location. This incredible revolution was soon followed by a second sunless tanning method: VersaSpa at the Pembroke Meadows location.

When asked what he felt made Sundays so special, Dennis Ligon had this to say:

“The things we tried to do,such as changing lamps every 400 hours instead of every 800 hours, meant [that] we could provide the best tan for our members and guests. When we charged $18.88 per month (instead of $49 per month like our competitors) we will always have the best prices, coupled with the best equipment. When we made the decision to open mega salons with state-of-the-art equipment, we showed that we are cutting-edge, as well as the best value. But what really makes us special is our amazing staff of managers, assistant managers, front desk personnel, and support staff. Their dedication to making sure our customers receive the best possible tanning experience is what has facilitated our success. That, and of course the fact that our customers are the best in the world. They are the ones who keep us growing by spreading the word about a new way of SUNDAYS!”

Sundays Life: Only the best for the best customers.

Today Sundays has grown to 21 locations with locations in every city in Hampton Roads. In addition to the 21 locations, Sundays has expanded into an all encompassing automated sun, spa, airbrush model. With over $7 million dollars invested in equipment, the new Sundays Sun Spa Shop is quite different than the original model. But the essence has not changed: to add value to the lives of our members. We are blessed to spend each day helping friends look and feel their best. What began as an effort to provide the best tanning choices has now morphed into an amazing venture that provides automated choices in sun, spa, weight loss, detox, massage, and airbrush. We look forward to meeting new friends and we welcome you to come experience the Sundays Life.

Thank you to all of our valued clients for being a part of Sundays.

-Dennis and Sue Ligon