Summer is certainly the best time to get your natural tan. The sun is shining and promising to share its golden glow with you. The beaches are inviting and the weather is beautiful, however, some people still prefer indoor tanning during the summer months.

Getting a beautiful dark and sexy skin in tanning salons has several advantages.

Get some color before going to the beach- Is it your first time on the beach this year? Pay a visit to your local tanning salon prior your vacation to demonstrate the beautiful even tone of your slightly tanned skin on the first day of your beach vacation.

Don’t get burned- Beach tanning rarely involves timers, and sometimes your burned skin may act as one. Indoor tanning always have timers and your whole procedure is under control.

Get less sun exposure- If your goal is getting a sexy dark skin fast, your best bet would be the indoor tanning. The high-tech equipment will surely work faster and give your skin the beautiful golden glow.

Get bronzed even if it rains- With indoor tanning the weather is never a problem. You can achieve the even skin tone when it rains or shines.

Get evenly tanned- Like strapless tops and dresses, but have those white marks from a bathing suit in your skin? This problem disappears when you visit tanning salons. Private rooms allow you to wear anything you want or nothing at all to achieve the even, beautiful tan.

Add color to your skin in the city- You don’t have to go on vacation or to the beach to get add summer glow to your skin. Indoor tanning is a great option to find an oasis in the city jungle.

No matter how you tan – don’t forget to use a sunblock or a tanning lotion every time you are out on the sun or in the salon. Protecting your skin at all times is one more secret of having a beautiful and even bronze color. Keep a lotion on your purse and don’t forget to use it every time you go out on the sun, even if you have no intentions of getting tan.

Why choose only one method of tanning?

Combining outdoor and indoor tanning may be the best option for those who want to keep sexy dark tan throughout the year. Tan on the beach during summer and tan in the salons during winter.