Tanning With Tattoos? Three Tips To Look Great


If you have a new tattoo, it’s important to lay off tanning until it’s healed completely. Tanning too soon can cause your tattoo to take longer to heal and may even damage it. Tanning too soon can also cause your tattoo’s color life to fade.

If you want to continue tanning and still show off your ink, make sure you’re taking all the right precautions before stepping into a tanning bed to limit any fading!

Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen is going to be your best friend when it comes to protecting your tattoo in the tanning bed. Visiting a tanning bed will fix your paleness, but it may also cause your healed tattoo to fade. Taking a cotton swab and applying sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher, on the tattoo can help prevent it from fading. You can also use indoor tanning lotions that offer tattoo protection. Ask your Sundays tanning expert about the lotions we carry, like Ed Hardy, that are good for tats. It’s important to make sure that your tattoo has completely healed before applying sunscreen to it!

Cover it up

If you absolutely can’t wait for your tattoo to heal before you hit the tanning bed, you can always cover it with a piece of cloth and secure with medical tape. Make sure the cloth is the same shape as your tattoo to limit any skin that’s not part of the tattoo from being covered.

Try a spray tan

If you’re looking to get a tan without having to deal with real UV ray exposure, then try a spray tan. A spray tan is completely safe for tattoos. You’re still able to get a natural-looking tan without having to worry about if your tattoo will be affected or not.

You can still get that beautiful, natural looking tan without having to worry about a tattoo fading away. Help make your tattoo last by taking care of it the right way. If you have other concerns, talk to one our tanning experts the next time you visit any of our twenty locations in Hampton Roads.