Club Tan

The Best Time to Tan

When you visit any of our locations around Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and the rest of Hampton Roads, you know to expect quality tanning equipment, friendly service, and the best indoor tanning lotions available. If you are new to tanning, or haven’t tanned in a while and are coming back, we will do our best to help you.

When is the best time to tan? If you have no important life events coming up, you are free to set your own tanning schedule. How often you come in to a tanning salon will also depend on your skin – are you fair-skinned? – and your ultimate tanning goals, i.e. how dark you want to be. If you wish to tan to maintain a beautiful glow, consult with a tanning professional and set up the right schedule.

Now, let’s say you have a wedding or a formal occasion coming up, and you want to look great for it. A beautiful tan can enhance the beauty of a bridal outfit – and you’ll look awesome in the pictures! However, just as you plan for a special event, you should schedule your tanning well in advance so there are no problems on the big day.

If you know the date, begin your tanning as early as possible. We’re talking months in advance if possible. Consult with a tanning professional with regards to the best lotions to use, and schedule the time to work on your tan in the months before the big event. The earlier you plan, the better the chance of reducing risk of burns and other problems.

With summer fast approaching, an early start to a healthy glow can help you look great anywhere you go, be it a formal dance or a casual dinner out. Be sure to contact Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort with all your questions on indoor tanning.