Three Reasons to Take Advantage of 100 Days of Tanning for $1

We’ll admit it: a few people who haven’t visited a Sundays Sun Spa Shop will look at us in disbelief when we talk about the amazing 100 Days of Tanning for $1 special – part of our Campaign of Color – happening now. They wonder how we can possibly offer a package at that low a price. Well, when you’ve managed a large chain of spa shops like Sundays – twenty locations in Hampton Roads – for a few decades, you tend to learn what works and what doesn’t in promotions.

We don’t give away secrets, though, but we can tell you that people who have tried this introductory deal love it, and they’ve saved big in the longterm as they went on to enroll in our various membership packages. With tanning membership at Sundays, you get unlimited access to Level 1 and 2 beds and discounts on lotions. Depending on the membership package, the unlimited access extends to higher level beds (and some spa) and bigger lotion discounts, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.



What’s so great about the 100 Days of Tanning, and why should you take advantage of it? We know about the old saying about something being too good to be true…but exceptions to the rule exist. Ask anybody who comes regularly to Sundays – you’ll hear about how we have top of the line equipment and take care to keep it operating at peak levels. You’ll hear about how we get certain products ahead of other places, and how we’re conveniently located in the area. Ask us again why you should try this $1 special and we’ll tell you:

You can use it at any location. Start the 100 days at our Suffolk location. Try out our Hampton spa if you’re on the other side of the tunnel. Visiting friends in VB and want to work a tan into your day? No problem!

It’s a great opportunity to determine how to tan. When our members come to tan, it’s not to achieve the same shade as everybody else. Some want to maintain a light, golden glow year round while others want to show off a darker bronze tone to their skin. The 100-day trial is a great chance to try on a shade and see how well you wear it.

Winter is coming. Well, we still have a few months, but life moves quickly. August begins today, and with it comes hurricane season. The window for sunny days to tan at the beach will shorten, but if you redeem your 100 Days in September that gives you access to tan in cooler weather.

Do you have questions about our Campaign of Color/100 Days of Tanning? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.