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Call Us Today!

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100 Days of Tanning for $1!

Come by any of our 21 locations in Hampton Roads to get 100 days of tanning for just one dollar!

Sundays members who refer people to this promotion can win cash and other cool prizes!


Be sure to read the official details below, but here’s the gist:

Refer friends, family…anybody you know to our 100 Days of Tanning special each week, and you’re eligible for the weekly prize!

At the end of each week, first and second place winners receive a prize valued at $500. Prizes may include a $500 gift card or a designer handbag filled with extra goodies. Follow us on Facebook for the announcements.

At the end of the Campaign of Color, the Sundays member with the most successful referrals will receive the Grand Prize of $2000 cash and a $1000 gift card!

Sundays members can pick up referral cards at any of our 21 locations, or download a PDF here (coming soon).


  1. Any member who posts/comments with their referral codes on Sundays social media accounts to promote themselves will have their posts deleted. Members who do this may also be disqualified from the contest.
  2. Only EFT and year upfront members can participate in the referral contest (no 5 weeks or 10 sessions).
  3. All Sundays Sun Spa Shop locations will hand out referral cards. Cards will have place for referral name, referrer name AND phone number. Please fill out completely.
  4. Give cards to friends and family, co-workers, friends of friends, and anybody looking for a great tanning salon in Hampton Roads and who is not currently a member of Sundays Sun Spa Shop.
  5. Anyone who is not currently a Sundays member can get the 100 Days for $1 deal – this includes former members not currently enrolled.
  6. Every time someone brings in the 100 Days of Tanning for $1 card and tans, you get credit! The more people who enroll with your cards, the better the chance of winning great prizes.
  7. The customer must tan for the referral to count. If a customer comes to Sundays and only drops off the card and doesn’t tan, the referral will not count.
  8. Anyone who redeems the 100 Days for $1 card cannot participate in the contest unless they sign up for a membership.
  9. If you run out of cards, a PDF of cards will be available on Facebook and SundaysLife.com for online printing and linking.
  10. Employees of Sundays Sun Spa Shop and family members of employees are ineligible to participate in the contest.  (Family members can give the 100 days for $1 cards to friends but will not be entered into contest – use store as referring member)
  11. If a member’s account is frozen, they cannot participate unless they unfreeze their account.
  12. Must be 18 years or older to participate and show valid ID.
  13. Anyone that brings in 100 Days for $1 card must provide a valid ID.
  14. Walk-in customers not referred by anyone can still get the 100 Days for $1 deal – use the store as your referring member.
  15. Sundays Sun Spa Shop reserves the right to edit or change the contest rules
    and parameters at any time.

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