What You Need To Know About Spray Tanning

legtanWhen you want to look good for your date, for a night out with your friends, or a day shopping or at the beach, you want your skin to glow. Spray tanning is a great way to achieve even, seamless color that looks as though you spent a sunny afternoon lying by the pool or on the sand. Every day at Sundays Sun Spa Shop, we’re asked questions about how automated airbrush spray tanning works, and if you come to any of our 21 locations in Hampton Roads – southside and upper peninsula – we can show you! If you want to know the basics, though, keep reading.

When do you start to see color? Once you step out of the Mystic HD or VersaSpa, you’ll see as much color as you want on your body within six hours.

How long does a spray tan last? This depends on how much you shower and/or exfoliate. Generally, you can expect it to last about four days.

How often should you get a spray tan? Again, this depends on your preferences. If you’re interested in maintaining year-round color, twice a week is a good schedule to keep.

How much is it? The big question! Sundays Sun Spa Shop strives to offer quality tanning services through a variety of memberships and packages to suit your lifestyle. If you’ve never used automated airbrush tanning with us before, your initial visit is just $10. If you like how your tan looks on you, you can opt for one of two memberships:

  • The Passport Spa offers unlimited visits to VersaSpa and Mystic, plus access to our other spa amenities.
  • We also have an annual membership that lets you spray for 50% off each visit.

To learn more about any of our tanning and spa services, visit the location nearest you or contact us online.