Join the $20K Campaign of Color! Win Cash, Trips and Free Tanning


The Campaign of Color is RELOADED, and this year we have some amazing prizes to give away to active Sundays members who bring in the most referrals to any of our twenty locations around Hampton Roads.

If you’ve participated before, you know how it works. If not, here’s the scoop: active members come to any Sundays Sun Spa Shop and pick up referral cards (don’t worry if you can’t make it over because you can print this PDF to use). Hand them out to friends, family, co-workers, etc. who haven’t yet tried Sundays tanning services or have and aren’t yet members. Each card gives the holder 100 days of tanning for one dollar. For each customer who redeems the card and tans, you get credit. Make sure you write your name and phone number on the cards you give out. 

Each week of the contest, we’ll give out prizes to our top referrers.


Weekly Winners: Each week we’ll award the top two referrers. First place: $300; Second place: $200.

3 Luxury Vacation Prizes for Two (valued over $1,000): Anyone who refers ten or more people are entered to win one of three vacation prizes in a random drawing.

Top Ten Overall Winners – To Be Awarded After Contest Ends

  • 1st Place: $2,000 cash and $1,000 Sundays gift card
  • 2nd Place: $1,000 cash and $1,000 Sundays gift card
  • 3rd Place: $500 cash and $500 Sundays gift card
  • 4th Place: $400 cash and $400 Sundays gift card
  • 5th Place: $500 Sundays gift card
  • 6th Place: $300 Sundays gift card
  • 7th Place: $250 Sundays gift card
  • 8th Place: $200 Sundays gift card
  • 9th Place: $150 Sundays gift card
  • 10th Place: $100 Sundays gift card

Don’t forget to check the Sundays Facebook page for updates.


  1. Only EFT and year upfront members can participate in contest (no 5 weeks or 10 sessions).
  2. All Sundays Sun Spa Shop locations will hand out referral cards. Cards will have place for referral name, referrer name AND phone number. Please fill out completely.
  3. Give cards to friends and family, co-workers, friends of friends, and anybody looking for a great tanning salon in Hampton Roads and who is not currently a member of Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort.
  4. Anyone who is not currently a Sundays member can get the 100 Days for $1 deal – this includes former members not currently enrolled.
  5. Every time someone brings in the 100 days of Tanning for $1 card and tans, you get credit! The more people who enroll with your cards, the better the chance of winning great prizes.
  6. The customer must tan for the referral to count. If a customer comes to Sundays and only drops off the card and doesn’t tan, the referral will not count.
  7. Anyone who redeems the 100 Days for $1 card cannot participate in the contest unless they sign up for a membership.
  8. If you run out of cards, a PDF of cards will be available on Facebook and for online printing and linking. (click here)
  9. Employees of Sundays Sun Spa Shop and family members of employees are ineligible to participate in the contest.  (Family members can give the 100 days for $1 cards to friends but will not be entered into contest – use store as referring member)
  10. If a member’s account is frozen, they cannot participate unless they unfreeze their account.
  11. The top 10 people with the most new member referrals at the end of the contest will win cash prizes and/or free tanning!
  12. Must be 18 years or older to participate and show valid ID.
  13. Anyone that brings in 100-day card must provide a valid ID.
  14. Walk-in customers not referred by anyone can still get the 100 Days for $1 deal – use the store as your referring member.
  15. Contest ends midnight, EST, 9/18/2017.
  16. Winners will be posted on the website and on Facebook following the end of the contest.
  17. Sundays Sun Spa Shop reserves the right to amend rules at any time.

Pick Up Free Solar Glasses This Friday



Have you found your solar eclipse glasses yet? If not, you have two opportunities to pick up a free pair on Friday. Come to either our Town Center spa in Virginia Beach or our Ghent location between 4PM and 6PM on August 18th for a free pair. Limit one per person, please, and supplies are very limited.

Be sure to visit NASA’s site for tips on viewing the solar eclipse safely, too!


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What’s the best way to keep in touch with Sundays and be the first to hear about our sales?  Here’s how you can connect with us:

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