New From the Signature Collection: Platinum Reserve


Sundays Sun Spa Shop members know our twenty locations around Hampton Roads have the best indoor tanning lotions in the area. We are home to Dennis Ligon’s own Signature line of lotions and moisturizers, and this week there’s a new addition to the family: Platinum Reserve.

If you haven’t gotten your own bottle of Platinum Reserve, you’re missing out! We are proud to announce for a LIMITED TIME only you can get it at a special, discounted launch price. Come to any of our salons for details.

This lotion offers the highest level of skin care ingredients, providing users with hydrating tanning butter, powerful anti-aging and skin firming benefits, and fine line and wrinkle reducing elements, with an amazing prosecco fragrance. This is the creme de la creme of all tanning lotions. It will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and sun-kissed.

While it offers hydration, anti-aging, skin firming, fine line and wrinkle benefits, Platinum Reserve also provides a rich source of calcium and vitamins to help reduce environmental stress and damage, tattoo and color fade protectors, and it helps eliminate that after tan odor.

Come to Sundays Sun Spa Shop to pick up your own Platinum Reserve tanning lotion at a discounted price! All members will also receive their membership discount with purchase.



How Antioxidants Can Help Your Skin

At Sundays Sun Spa Shop, we offer an M Stik drink booster with antioxidants called CoreAO that offers you antioxidants, super nutrients and immune system support. Contact us for more information about our M Stiks and read on for benefits of antioxidants.

Antioxidants help protect your body from damaging free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative damage to your cells, which can create a number of issues. Even though your body already produces antioxidants on its own, it’s just not enough with all of these different pollutants. You need more antioxidants to keep you healthy. By consuming antioxidants, you’re protecting your memory, immune system, eyes and skin from free radical damage.



Growing old can be very daunting. While your memory, immune system and eyes are all very important, they’re things that people can’t visibly tell are affected by aging. Your skin is visible to everyone, so when you start noticing the effects of aging you aren’t able to hide it from the public. Antioxidants are a great way to help slow the process of skin aging. They’re able to protect your skin from the inside out. They’re also able to help protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Everyone is getting older, there’s no stopping it. Your memory is one thing that can be heavily affected by aging. The consumption of antioxidants can help improve your cognitive skills and slow brain aging, keeping you as sharp as tack for as long as possible.

Immune System

Your immune system is actively protecting you from diseases at all times, along with battling free radicals from oxidative cell damage. Antioxidants are able to neutralize free radicals, which helps out our immune system. Antioxidants also promote the production of white blood cells, making our immune system even stronger.


Eyes are another area of the body that antioxidants protect from free radicals. Some antioxidants contain large amounts of Vitamin C that can help keep your eyes healthy.
Antioxidants that can help protect your eyes include: sweet red peppers, strawberries and oranges.

Antioxidants are crucial in protecting your body from radical cells. Besides antioxidants protecting your body, they are also delicious! So you won’t have to worry about force-feeding yourself to get those antioxidant nutrients.

Visit any Sundays Sun Spa Shop in Hampton Roads for your supply of M Stiks.



The Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage

Massage chairs have stepped up the relaxation game! Now you don’t need to worry about making an appointment or paying insane amounts of money for you to get some relaxation. Along with being a great alternative to seeing a masseuse, they also have several benefits.

They reduce pain. Relieving pain is one of the core reasons why massage chairs were introduced. If you’re experiencing back pain, massage chairs are able to target where it is and help alleviate the pain, along with soothing any sore muscles.

They relieve stress. People can become overwhelmed with what’s going on in their lives, it happens to everyone. Massage chairs are here to help you relieve that unwanted stress.
Bonus: By using massage chairs to relive stress you are also able to help control blood pressure.

They increase blood circulation. Tense muscles can cause your blood flow to be restricted. Using a massage chair can help release muscle tension and promote an increase in blood flow.


Here at Sundays Sun Spa Shop, we offer one of the best massage chairs, the Zero Gravity Massage Chair. Along with the benefits that all the other massage chairs offer, the Zero Gravity Massage Chair gives you more.

Provides maximum relaxation to the neck and back. The Zero Gravity Chair is designed to relieve all of the tension that strains your neck and back. You sit in a neutral position that frees your spin from the pain of gravity.

Muscle Relief. It’s rather ironic that even when we try to relax just by sitting on the couch, we’re actually applying pressure to our lower back. When using the Zero Gravity Chair, you’re positioned to where the muscles in your lower back are able to release this pressure.

Expands the Lungs. The Zero Gravity chair design allows your diaphragm to expand, which increases oxygen intake. Creating deeper breathing which allows for better blood flow and distributing more oxygen to your body.

Affordable. Not everyone has the luxury of seeing a professional masseuse, but Zero Gravity is an excellent way to get that professional touch without breaking a budget.

No reservation is needed for you to enjoy this luxurious massage chair. Visit any Sundays Sun Spa Shop to get rid of any unwanted stress.


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Three Reasons to Take Advantage of 100 Days of Tanning for $1

We’ll admit it: a few people who haven’t visited a Sundays Sun Spa Shop will look at us in disbelief when we talk about the amazing 100 Days of Tanning for $1 special – part of our Campaign of Color – happening now. They wonder how we can possibly offer a package at that low a price. Well, when you’ve managed a large chain of spa shops like Sundays – twenty locations in Hampton Roads – for a few decades, you tend to learn what works and what doesn’t in promotions.

We don’t give away secrets, though, but we can tell you that people who have tried this introductory deal love it, and they’ve saved big in the longterm as they went on to enroll in our various membership packages. With tanning membership at Sundays, you get unlimited access to Level 1 and 2 beds and discounts on lotions. Depending on the membership package, the unlimited access extends to higher level beds (and some spa) and bigger lotion discounts, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.



What’s so great about the 100 Days of Tanning, and why should you take advantage of it? We know about the old saying about something being too good to be true…but exceptions to the rule exist. Ask anybody who comes regularly to Sundays – you’ll hear about how we have top of the line equipment and take care to keep it operating at peak levels. You’ll hear about how we get certain products ahead of other places, and how we’re conveniently located in the area. Ask us again why you should try this $1 special and we’ll tell you:

You can use it at any location. Start the 100 days at our Suffolk location. Try out our Hampton spa if you’re on the other side of the tunnel. Visiting friends in VB and want to work a tan into your day? No problem!

It’s a great opportunity to determine how to tan. When our members come to tan, it’s not to achieve the same shade as everybody else. Some want to maintain a light, golden glow year round while others want to show off a darker bronze tone to their skin. The 100-day trial is a great chance to try on a shade and see how well you wear it.

Winter is coming. Well, we still have a few months, but life moves quickly. August begins today, and with it comes hurricane season. The window for sunny days to tan at the beach will shorten, but if you redeem your 100 Days in September that gives you access to tan in cooler weather.

Do you have questions about our Campaign of Color/100 Days of Tanning? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.