Saltwater Sundays Moisturizer is Here!


What’s so great about having a membership at Sundays Sun Spa Shop? Sometimes you get to try new things before the rest of the area, even the country, has the chance. Next week, Devoted Creation releases the amazing Saltwater Sundays “after sun” moisturizer, but you can buy it right now! Stop at any of our locations in Hampton Roads for just $10 when you make any tanning lotion purchase, or get a bottle by itself for only $23.95.

Be the first of your friends to try Saltwater Sundays this long holiday weekend. Infused with sea salt and coconut, this is one moisturizer that will leave you silk smooth and fresh, like you’ve just come from the beach. A price like this won’t last forever, either, so stop by Sundays before we sell out.

Have a great holiday weekend and keeping living the #SundaysLife!


Healthy Eating Helps Keep Your Tan Beautiful

At Sundays, we talk a big game about Vitamin D. When you add a touch of sun to your daily routine, you soak it up and have the potential to feel happier and more energetic. It doesn’t mean, though, we’re willing to dismiss the other letters in good health’s alphabet. Not too long ago we posted a video for a delicious, colorful fruit salad recipe on our Facebook page. It received some nice comments from our members, but somebody did wonder why a tanning salon would share a recipe on social media. It’s because food can have an affect on your skin, and if you experience issues keeping up a nice tan a few changes to your daily menu might help.

Remember taking that health class in high school when they talked about things like vitamins and beta carotene? If you forgot, here’s a brief reminder: beta carotene is a skin pigment that helps determine your skin tones. Unlike the other pigment that does this (melanin), it is not genetic – you get beta carotenes in foods that have it. The more you eat specific types of food, the more likely you’ll see a change in your skin. Coupled with a tanning session at Sundays at any of our locations in Hampton Roads, you can maintain gorgeous color through the summer.

So, what’s for lunch? When you think of beta carotene, carrots likely come to mind first. They are versatile, and good to eat on their own or chopped up in salad. You might worry that an excess of carrots in your diet will turn your skin orange, but it’s important to keep a variety of good foods on hand so you’ll look and feel great. The next time you have an urge to snack, try some of these:

Dark, Leafy Greens: Kale and spinach are rich in Vitamin A, which helps in reducing skin cell damage and producing collagen.

Mangos and Papayas: When you’re ready for a change from the same old fruits, these tropical delights have carotenoids that are known to darken skin.

Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash: Like carrots, these foods are high in beta carotene. They also act as anti-inflammatory foods, and work to reduce redness in skin.

In short, colorful foods encourage color in your skin. Be mindful of what you eat and you just might see a change in how you look.

Source: The Daily Meal


Restored Is Here! Reclaim Your Beautiful Skin


At Sunday Sun Spa Shop, skin is always in. We are dedicated to bringing our members the latest innovations in skin treatments and therapies, so you always look and feel your best. If you haven’t visited us lately – and why not, with twenty locations in Hampton Roads we aren’t far – we invite you come see a new product designed to reclaim beautiful skin.

The RESTORED 3-Step system is now available at all Sundays locations. Regularly priced at $125, you can now purchase all three components for just $69! When used with Red Light products, the benefits are amazing:

  • Stimulates collagen production to reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Evens out skin tone and complexion
  • Improves acne-prone skin
  • Keeps skin refreshed and renewed

Here’s what you get with the RESTORED set for $56 off the regular retail price:

Step 1: RESTORED Prep Spray – Proprietary ingredients like Pu[red] and CT-Protect protect your skin from blue-violet rays and help rebuild skin cells so you gain a youthful appearance. This spray also contains aloe vera and Vitamin C to hydrate and add a natural glow to your skin.

Step 2: RESTORED Target Serum – A gentle rollerball applicator helps stimulate your skin as shea butter and Vitamin E moisturize and fight the free radicals that do damage. Proprietary Renovage technology helps diminish sun and age spot and bring your skin to an even tone.

Step 3: RESTORED Post Cream – Pro-Vitamin B5 works to keep the skin from losing moisture, while natural ingredients like argan oil and argireline peptide help reduce lines and restore a youthful look.

You can find all the details (and long, scientific words) from California Tan. To experience the change in your skin, come to Sundays. A deal like this won’t last.


Red Light Therapy & Far Infrared: Which is Right For You?


If you haven’t visited your nearest Sundays Sun Spa Shop in a while, you may not have seen all the amazing new spa equipment available to members. Who would have thought when we opened our first salon over twenty years ago that Sundays would evolve into a full-fledged sun and spa boutique, with locations from Virginia Beach to as far as Newport News and Suffolk? It’s because of our wonderful members we’ve enjoyed this growth, and it’s why we continue to add on to the Sundays legacy by offering only the finest in sunless tanning, spray tanning, and wellness options.

Enough about us, though. We’re here today to talk about some of our spa amenities. People have asked us questions specifically about red light therapy – available in the Beauty Angel – and far infrared, found in the FitBurn Sauna and as part of the Cocoon Wellness pod. Are they same thing? Do they work the same way? Does it matter which one I use? If you’re new to Sundays, or any type of spa that offers these things, you want to know how light therapy works and how it will affect your body.

Red Light Therapy & Far Infrared

Red light therapy is a type of low-level light therapy used for the treatment of skin. In the past it had been used by NASA as a means of healing wounds, and later was discovered to offer skin-firming and anti-aging benefits. Unlike other types of light, it generates very little heat, but it can penetrate your skin and work to stimulate your circulation and produce collagen. This, in turn, helps improve your skin and increases youthful vitality.

Far infrared, by comparison, emits a radiant heat absorbed by the skin, which raises your body’s temperature. When this happens, you experience a beneficial detoxification that purifies your body and helps improve blood flow and decrease pain.

These technologies may sound space-age, but neither are hardly new. People have used variations of light therapy for thousands of years to cure ailments. The answer to your problems may not come as simply as “coming into the light,” but one session in either the Beauty Angel or Fitburn can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

If you have questions about these and our other spa options, contact us today.


Sources: Your Guide to Red Light Therapy / Sunlighten